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FREE school sports physicals!

Total Health Urgent Care provides FREE school sports physicals for athletes of all ages!

Our Urgent Care Services in Covington


We provide on-site rapid Covid testing, send-off PCR, and Covid antigen testing

Seasonal flu shots. Rapid swab testing, medication prescribed if needed.

On-site rapid throat swab & strep treatment plan with antibiotic therapy.

On-site rapid finger stick, education and counseling on virus, daily activities, and prescribed medication if needed.

On-site rapid finger stick,  prescribed medication, education on infection, along with dietary changes for maximum patient outcome.

Evaluation and examination, prescribed medication, re-evaluation and referral to specialist for recurring infections.

Evaluation and examination, prescribed medication based on ear infection type. Re-evaluation and referral if needed.

Rash evaluation and examination, prescribed medication if needed, re-evaluation and referral if needed.

On-site rapid urinalysis, send off lab for culture if needed, prescribed medication, with plan of care.

Evaluation, examination, and treatment of eye and ear infections and eye injuries. Cerumen or ear wax impaction irrigation and removal. Prescribed medication if needed.

Exposure to tuberculosis, evaluation of high risk exposure, skin placement for testing.

Evaluation of injury associated with the need for a tetanus shot. Immunization evaluation, plan of care provided.

Evaluation and examination, prescribed medication, plan of care provided.

Evaluation and examination, labs if needed, prescribed medication along with IV fluids if needed. Plan of care provided.

More details of this service coming soon.


Rapid intervention of minor burns, including prescribed treatment and wound care. Referral if needed.

Rapid intervention of musculoskeletal injuries, treatment plan based on x-ray results and needs. Referral as needed, prescribed medication as needed

Stabilization of fractures, sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries with use of splinting and orthopedic approved equipment.

Evaluation and treatment of abrasions (scrapes), superficial cuts, ulcerations and mores. Plan of care provided based on wound needs.

Evaluation and treatment of superficial and deep cuts using suturing techniques and surgical glue.

Evaluation and treatment on site of skin abscesses using incision and drainage techniques. Plan of care and prescribed medication based on abscess type.

Evaluation and examination of soft tissue injuries, x-ray testing available as needed,  prescribed medication as needed with recommended treatment plan.

Evaluation and treatment, treatment plan and prescribed meds based on infection type.

Exams & screenings

Yearly physicals as required, referral as needed for any abnormalities.

5 and 10 panel rapid on-site drug screens for pre-employment, random, post-accident and workman’s comp. Also provide chain of custody send off drug screens for employers.

Walk-ins welcome. Examinations performed by a nationally registered medical examiner through FMCSA. DOT and non DOT physical examinations and drug screens.

On-site lab send-off capabilities, evaluation and examination including history and physical to evaluate potential health concerns. Education on preventative health.

Discount contract pricing my be available for physicals yearly and pre-employment, and testing. Please call and get more information.

Full examinations provided based on company requirements.

Diagnostic & testing

In-house urinalysis evaluation, cultures to be sent off to lab.

Evaluation including on site urinalysis testing for pregnancy, prescribed medication, and referral to OBGYN provided.

Evaluation and treatment with on-site collection, lab capabilities for send-off results.

X-ray capability for injury and illness, treatment plan based on results and evaluation.

Rapid EKG abilities on site, referral as needed.

Many CLIA waived on site testing, CBG, flu, strep, RSV, urinalysis, H. pylori, mono, pregnancy. Lab capabilities on site for send off for a multitude of tests. Physicians and medical facilities can send patient orders  for send off to clinical pathology laboratories (CPL).

We will send off referrals to specialists based on patient need.

Evaluation of dehydration, illness, or electrolyte imbalance. Intravenous fluids as needed. Ask about our hydration station.

Antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatory, allergic reactions, B-12 given per evaluation and per need.

Healthy living

Evaluation and treatment plan to include education on smoking cessation, techniques for successful outcome, prescription medication as needed.

There is a world where alternative medicine fits the needs of a patient. Education and guidance in holistic medicine alone can be beneficial even if it is joined with conventional medicine. Plan of care provided per patient and patient needs.

Education provided on preventative care , yearly examinations, medication adherence, exercise, healthy eating tips for optimal health outcomes.

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